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Emergency Communications



Satellite Phone Philippines
Emergency Communications Responses

The WIT® Emergency Communications Response Platform is a Fixed or Mobile Communications System that is designed to establish inter-operable communications in emergency situations. The WERV is supported by the WIT Tactical Ops Center, a highly skilled and dedicated team that can mobilize and respond to natural disasters and other catastrophes when normal communications infrastructure has been degraded or destroyed.  Essentially a secure 2 way VHF/UHF radio system with 2G, 3G and LTE support back-hauled anywhere in the World via Satellite Broadband.



Emergency Response on Standby

WIT is first in the Philippines to offer fully equipped self supporting Fixed and Mobile Satellite Broadband Connectivity systems.  UHF/VHF 2way radios with VSATs and BGANs powered by self sustaining Solar Powered Systems in a fixed or mobile platform and on a Service Model, Minimal Capex. No Obsolescence.   Ensuring communication among first responders and the command center is key, especially during a crisis situation where communications is a major challenge.  In matters of life and death, time is critical.    The Government and Private Sector Responsiveness and Interoperability is CRITICAL to achieve mission success.



We are IT Philippines, Inc.

18/F Columbia Tower, Ortigas Avenue,

Mandaluyong City, 1555


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