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March 17, 2020

Dear Valued Customer and Partners,

In light of the Philippine Community Quarantine (Lockdown) concerns related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, WIT is continuing to monitor the status of the outbreak from the Department of Health and the World Health Organization. Our leadership team has activated our Business Continuity Plan that outlines contingencies to minimize the risk and disruption to our business operations as well as to our valued customers. Our highest priority is the health and safety of every member of the WIT community, including our employees, customers, partners and vendors, while maintaining the resiliency of our business.  Effective today and until otherwise revised, three quarters (75%) of WIT’s workforce will work from home. 

From a space segment perspective, the majority of WIT’s broadband service products are uplinked from our Teleport facility in Angeles, Pampanga with a hot standby dark fiber connected diversity backup Teleport in Balanga, Bataan.  That being said, rest assured service being rendered will continue with minimal or no disruption.  We may not be able to meet with you personally at this time, however, we undertake to respond to your queries through video or audio teleconferencing at the soonest possible time.  There may be some delay in the activation of new circuits and other business transactions, we again undertake to inform you of its new schedule as soon as authorities permit unhampered travel to and from Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.  We however have sufficient bandwidth to augment additional resources should Government or other entities so require them. 

Please be assured that we have the infrastructure, procedures and safeguards in place to continue delivering the highest level of service and support through our customer care and technical support teams in multiple locations in the Philippines. Our 24x7x365 Network Control Center in Angeles City  which serves as the focal point for managing our satellite resources and ensuring message delivery, has the ability to operate seamlessly in the local data center as well.  The current community quarantine situation that is disrupting physical workplace availability, critical WIT employees will have necessary access to all of our networks and platforms along with proper connectivity resources and technical equipment to facilitate business as usual through teleworking and remote troubleshooting in support of our customers.

As the number of Coronavirus cases continues to escalate globally, WIT continues to comply with all travel, quarantine and contact restrictions required by national, regional and local health authorities and is minimizing all non-essential business travel until further notice to reduce any potential impacts from the Coronavirus on our employees and our Company.   We will continue to assess the situation daily, reevaluate our business continuity protocols and provide updates as the Coronavirus health emergency unfolds over the coming weeks.  Please feel free to email us at
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and I wish you well in these challenging times.

Joseph P. Maddatu / Chief Executive Officer

WIT Philippines COVID19
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